How WeWork lost more than 80% of its value in a few months, making it one of the biggest startup failures in history.

In 2019, WeWork was considered one of the most valuable startups, with a price tag of $47B. To help you visualize that, it’s more than Airbnb, SpaceX, and Stripe.

If you have ever connected yourself to the internet in 2019, you’ve probably heard of something about or related to WeWork;

Their vision was not to be a commercial office leasing company; but to accelerate a new world where people work to make a life, not just a living.

It’s was all worth the hype because WeWork went from one of the most highly valued startups of history to only 1/4…

Even if you already have read one or all of them.

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Everyone knows that books are fantastic; they teach us new things and bring us feelings and stories through words that wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have the ability to write and express ourselves with a simple pen and a paper.

One out of the many things I love about books is that they bring a peaceful moment, which is when my attention is locked within words that I myself read and preserve in the way I want to. No voiceovers, sound effects, animations, or anything else. …

And the idea is fairly simple.

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I’ve sometimes found myself very productive late in the night; other days more productive in the morning, and some days, I am not productive at all.

I think of productivity as efficiency — and I usually ask myself, at the end of the workday, what was the output? And am I happy with it?

You’ve probably heard it before, wake up at 4 AM, take a cold shower, hit the gym, plan what needs to be done, and let the day start. Sounds impressive?

In reality, It will not work for everyone; in fact…

Why 1310 startups failed in 2020, with total funding of $2.3B.

How startup funding works.

We’ve reached 2021, a new year full of optimism and hope for the close ending to this pandemic; last year’s top 10 startup failures opened up many interesting discussions I had with people, and we definitely needed a 2020 version, so what happened with startup failures this year?

2020 ended with 809 startup failures with total funding of $2.3B — compare it how much wealth Elon Musk gained this year, and it wouldn’t be big of a deal, but $2.3B …

The question that most likely pop up in an interview.

When I started learning JavaScript, one of the most confusing parts I run into is understanding the difference between var, let, and const.

What made it more confusing is that I had a background in a strictly typed Object-Oriented Programming language, making it difficult to get my head around variable declarations in JavaScript.

To start simple, think of variables in JavaScript as containers that hold information.

We use those containers in our program to be referenced and manipulated.

We also need to label those containers with expressive names — so…

Based on startups that failed in the last few years.

It comes to no surprise that many startups fail. Some of them teach us a lesson, others make us question how they got investments, and some others were out of luck to be at the right time.

When I wrote about the top 10 startups that failed last year, I received insights on the one reason that causes many startups to fail. It was noticeable that many shared the same tragic story about why they failed.

Yet, It’s uncommon to see the startup community speak about that reason.

Product Market-fit, is the issue, my friend.

What is Market-fit?

Surprisingly, Wikipedia was able…

And what you can learn from it.

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I find myself often thinking about how companies choose to do their discounts. The question often comes back when I regularly hear people asking why apple never makes enormous cuts.

As one of the most profitable companies in the world, I thought there might be something more to their pricing strategy.

On the other side, Samsung can drop their prices by more than 70% on some of their flagships.

These are notable companies with complicated pricing strategies, but to answer a specific question, what does discounting do to your business?

Why do people look for discounts?

People often seek…

Pitching to investors, hiring many programmers, and buying ping pong tables is not the only way to build a business.

There is no doubt that we live in an era where the idea of startups doesn’t get questioned; therefore, it is easy to get caught with the flow.

It’s today more normal then it has ever been before that a way to build a business is by opening PowerPoint, creating a pitch deck, and showing it to investors.

That’s not unusual; the news, social media, books, entrepreneurs on Instagram, have hyped things up to the point where the getting…

A list of technologies worth keeping an eye on.

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With all the internet noise in today’s world, it’s harder to keep up with which technologies will matter. Every technology is getting hyped up by some startup receiving a few hundred million dollars every week.

Information overload is another issue; getting exposed to too much information about different things, consistently reduced focus, and in my experience, happiness.

Checking your Instagram feed every few minutes to see if someone
has posted something interesting, reading a quote telling you to wake up at 4 AM, and another to sleep at 4 AM, and no…

How is it possible to attract clients when you are just starting out?

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If you are young or haven’t had enough time to be in an industry, you will find it challenging to get those bigger clients.

About two years ago it seemed like a dream for me that I will ever be able to work in the software industry at such an early age without even a university degree.

What helped me is that I got lucky finding people that believed in me.

I learned that even if you only have one week of experience in the industry, your…

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